Who We Are

We play building and simulation games like The Sims FreePlay, The Sims 4, Cities Skylines, Sims Mobile, and Minecraft. Find out more about our videos, how to join us online, and about us below.

What We Play

We've been playing the awesome Sims FreePlay for years. We've built loads of great houses, journeyed through dozens of quests, and toured the towns of tons of our great neighbours.

Hints and Tips

Want to earn in-game money faster? Want to build cool houses? Want to create the perfect Sims family? We got you covered!


Stuck on a quest? Want to see what's coming up? We have walkthroughs of every single quest and event!

House Tours

Need some inspiration for your houses in SFP? With over 70 original designs, we have something for you--from castles to houseboats!

We basically bought and made a gaming PC just so we could play The Sims 4. It looked so awesome and it is! You can make such amazing buildings, and the little Sims are so funny and quirky.

Eden Family LP

Their story started in tragedy, but now it's got romance, clones, new arrivals, and alien abductions.

House Tours

We still have a lot to learn about Sims 4 building but it's such fun and you can make such amazing things.

What is there to say about Minecraft (and Minecraft PE)? Such endless possibilities, so much to make, so much to explore.

The Searchers LP

We're in search of the perfect place to set up a home, but it's going to take a lot of beautiful exploring to get there.

Let's Builds

We're slowly building a whole land in MCPE, with ruins, beach resorts, a city, houses, a farm, and much more.

Our Setup

If you want to know what equipment we use, check out the lists below.

Mobile Games

  • Laptop: MacBook Pro 2011 (please don't die on us)
  • Mobile Device: iPhone 6s and iPad mini
  • Lightning Cable: Apple Brand (others are not nearly as reliable)
  • Microphone: Samson Meteor USB microphone
  • Recording Software: Audacity for voice, and OBS
  • Recording Hardware: Elgato HD60
  • Editing Software: Audacity for audio, Adobe Premiere Pro for video